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What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern (from late Taisho to early Showa) martial arts developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of traditional Jujutsu and Swordsmanship, along with his unique philosophy.
Morihei Ueshiba states that the essence of Aiki (the basis of Aikido) is the spirit of harmony and that "Aikido is not a way to fight and beat an enemy. It is a martial arts to bring the world together and to bring humans as one. The ultimate goal of Aikido is to set the self in harmony with the universe, and become one with the universe itself. Those who wish to advance should realize this through daily training." The goal of Aikido is therefore not in winning against an opponent, but in the improvement of the body and spirit through daily training.

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Suganuma Morito Shihan
Aikido Shoheijuku Dojo-chou

Morito Suganuma Sensei is the last Uchideshi of Morihei Ueshiba and is 8th-dan.

He serves as the director of Japan Aikido Federation, chief director of Fukuoka Aikido Federation, and also chief director of NPO Aikido Shoheijuku.

After being sent to Kyushu from Aikido Hombu dojo, he established the Aikido Shoheijuku dojo in 1977. The name Shoheijuku is taken from the names of Morihei Ueshiba and Kishoumaru Ueshiba, the founder Aikido and his son. Shoheijuku has its headquarters in Fukuoka and is expanding its branches from inside of Japan to Europe, Canada, Israel, and China, and other places around the world.

Suganuma Sensei has many years of experience and training in Calligraphy and Zen, and sets his goal to "Live lively here at this moment". He practices in acquiring a "Healthy body and peaceful mind".

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Aikido Kagoshima Shoheijuku

In June 2019, Yoichi and Mika Toyokura opened a dojo to promote the Aikido of Suganuma Sensei. They recieved the name of Kagoshima Shoheijuku from Suganuma Sensei and are pursuing aikido of "A healthy body and peaceful mind".


Yoichi Toyokura (Rep.)

6th Dan grade

Yoichi Toyokura is from Kagoshima.

He joined the aikido club of Kyushu University in Fukuoka in his student years and there he meets Suganuma Sensei.

After leaving Fukuoka for work, he joins Yokohama Shomonkai, also pursuing the aikido and the philosophy of Suganuma Sensei, from its establishment to continue training. He has also continued aikido during his 8 years in America.

After his retirement in 2018, he went back to Kagoshima and opened the Dojo.

He also has knowledge on "Kenbiki", a cyropractic therapy based on Kobujutsu, and performs treatments.

Mika Toyokura (Vice Rep.)

5th Dan grade

Mika Toyokura (Former Name: Monna) is from Fukuoka.
She is a graduate of the Kyushu University Aikido Club. She also left Fukuoka for work and takes part in the establishment of Yokohama Shomonkai, and continues her training there. The two continue to participate in aikido after their marriage.
Along with Yoichi, she opens the Kagoshima Shoheijuku in 2019.
She is Yondan in Jodo and Shodan in Tai Chi.
"I am very grateful for having been able to meet Suganuma Sensei and his Aikido. I am excited to meet and do classes with new people here in Kagoshima."

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Dojos and others


​Aikikai Foundation

Aikido Shoheijuku

Dojo in Fukuoka, under Suganuma-Shihan

Kagoshima Aikido Federation

NPO Aikido Kagoshima Dojo

Yokohama Shomonkai

A satellite dojo under Shoheijuku in Tokyo area, Toyokuras used to belong to.

Aikido Meguro dojo

A dojo in Meguro where Toyokuras used to practice weekday other than Yokohama Shomonkai.

Newport Beach Aikido

A dojo in the US where Toyokuras practiced during (1998-2006).

Miya Tatami Factory

This Tatami factory who supplied and laid the tatami mats for our dojo.

Iwata Shokai

A traditional aikido wear shop in Hyakunincho, Tokyo.

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