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Closed on Sundays and holidays.
We also offer private classes outside the stated hours. Feel free to ask.

Schedule / Course & Fee: コース



●Attend all classes with the standard Regular Membership Course

  • Other limited course options (Morning, Daytime, Saturday Courses) are available for those who can only attend certain classes. Morning Course and Daytime Course members may also participate in Saturday classes.

  • ​Members attending the limited courses may participate in other classes with an additional fee of 500 yen per class.

●Children (elementary to junior high students) may participate in Kids' Class and Saturday Class 1.

  • ​Saturday Class 1 will be a class for both adults and children.

●Attendees from other dojos of Aikikai should contact beforehand.
Class fees will be 1000yen per class.

​●All members are asked to sign up for sports insurance. Additional fees  (Adults: 1850yen, Children: 800yen) will be required.

●No admission fees are required for Kagoshima Shoheijuku. Admission fees for Aikikai is required for the Shodan exam.

Hand in the form below for admission.

Schedule / Course & Fee: コース
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